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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"How Deep is Your Love"

"Tell Me Now"
Tell me you can read my thoughts
Ten thousand miles away
And tell me its ok to cry
when I cant think of what to say

Tell me that you loved me
just one more time my friend
and tell me this short parting
does not spell the end

Tell me you'll come join me
to laugh within my dreams
that I may glimpse your wild wild ways
and all of your extremes

Tell me colours dont fade to black
once the heart stops beating
and that I'll see your colours soon
upon our destined meeting

And finally dont tell me
any messages of goodbye
for all that you have left in us
death's grip you can defy

"I miss You, Babe"
I miss your warm hugs...
the ones that make me forget about everything else except that moment.
i miss your intense blue eyes...
the ones that lose me every time i look into them.
i miss your beautiful smile...
the one that makes me want to fly every time i see it.
i miss your amazing laugh...
the one that makes me feel like the luckiest girl in the world every time i hear it
i miss YOU...
the one who always makes me fall in love all over again

"Lonely Time"
It feels like it's been a week or two,
Since I last talked to you.
And now I feel so alone,
Like everything in the world is gone.
Looking there and looking here,
Oh how I wish I was near.
God, I miss you so so much,
I'd give everything for just one touch.

"Missing You"
I'm home alone thinking of you
wishing that i was in your arms
dreaming you was here with me
i miss you, i miss you baby
I'm not the same without you

i have no way of calling or seeing you
i think about you every second of the day
i love you with all my heart baby
i miss you, i miss you baby
wish i could just hear your voice

no matter how far apart we are
my love for you will never change
i wish you was here with me
i miss you, i miss you baby
you are the only one i want

you are the only one for me
baby i cant live without you
i cant even think straight
i miss you, i miss you baby

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